Glen Carbon, IL describes the process of tooth extractions

While it is expected that our teeth last a lifetime, a lot can happen over the years that can impact the health and function of our adult teeth. Additionally, some teeth, such as the wisdom teeth, come in much later and can be problematic for many of our patients. These third molars are known for causing problems, especially impaction, because of the lack of space in the mouth for them to erupt. They can also affect previous work performed in the smile, such as orthodontic work, which makes them to be a great candidate for tooth extraction. Glen Carbon, IL area dentists, Drs. Kellerman and Connolly, encourage patients to ask about wisdom tooth extractions if they are experiencing difficulties.

What are the wisdom teeth?

The providers at Kellerman Dental describe the wisdom teeth, or third molars, as teeth that erupt near the back of the mouth during the late teen or early adult years. These teeth often do not have room to come through and typically become impacted. This can be painful and lead patients to seek extraction. Additionally, because the teeth are so far back in the mouth, they can be difficult to floss and brush, putting the entire smile at risk of cavities and periodontal disease. This is why the wisdom teeth are often extracted by a dentist, sometimes before they become a concern.

What types of extraction are performed?

Molar extraction may be done with simple or surgical extractions.

  • Simple – a simple extraction is a wisdom tooth extraction that occurs when the tooth is past the gumline and accessible to the dentist. The tooth is simply removed in minutes by the dentist without requiring invasive teeth removal surgery.
  • Surgical – wisdom teeth that have not erupted will need to be removed surgically, resulting in incisions to access the tooth under the gum line and successfully extract them. This is more invasive and does require more healing and recovery than simple extractions.

Interested in learning more about extractions?

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