Having a dental office available to help you achieve and maintain oral health and wellness is critical to ensuring you have a smile that can go the distance, lasting a lifetime and looking great in the process! However, not every dental office provides urgent care when you need it. 

Receiving emergency dental care when you need it most can help you address unexpected issues that can arise over a lifetime. At Kellerman Dental, serving the Collinsville, Illinois, area, our dentists are here to provide general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry–as well as emergency dental care when you need it most!

What is considered a dental emergency?

Our dentists at Kellerman Dental can provide emergency dental care for a broad range of issues. These include:

  • Extreme tooth pain. If you have a tooth that is causing you extreme pain, it may be an indication of a dental abscess. Our dentists can assess the source of your discomfort and provide appropriate treatment to relieve your symptoms
  • A broken or cracked tooth. If you have suffered a fractured or cracked tooth due to trauma or decay, our dentists can help restore your smile with minimally invasive solutions
  • Severe swelling or infection. If you experience a serious infection in your gums, mouth, or teeth that is causing extensive swelling, it is critical that you seek help from our team at Kellerman Dental as soon as possible. We can provide antibiotics to address the issue and relieve your symptoms quickly
  • Lost or broken fillings and restorations. Lost or broken fillings and restorations can cause discomfort when you eat or drink. Our dentists at Kellerman Dental can help restore your smile with new fillings or a crown, depending on the severity of the issue

How much does urgent dental care cost?

We also understand that some patients may be worried about costs associated with receiving emergency care, which is why we offer flexible payment plans and financing options for those with or without dental insurance policies. We make the most of your benefits and will file with your dental insurance to lower out-of-pocket costs, reducing or eliminating your final fees. We accept many of the more common dental insurance plans and make the most of the benefits you have, maximizing utilization while reducing the cash costs of emergency dental treatments.

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Where can I find an urgent dental care facility near me?

At Kellerman Dental, we are open to new and current patients with emergency dental needs and can often help with same-day appointments. If you reside in or around the Glen Carbon, Illinois, area and want to speak to our professionals about your options, we invite you to call our office to request an appointment.

The office is conveniently located at 16 Junction Drive West in Suite #101 and can be reached by telephone at (618) 228-3100.

Drs. Kevin Kellerman, Caroline Connolly, Jessica Wen, and Jesse Snyder are here to help you with your urgent dental care needs!