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Kellerman Dental in Glen Carbon, Illinois has provided health-centered, individualized dental care to thousands of Metro-East families for more than 15 years. We pride ourselves in utilizing the most modern technology to maximize your wellness.

Kellerman Dental in Glen Carbon, Illinois Warmly Welcomes You!

Welcome to Kellerman Dental by Dr. Kevin Kellerman
Dr. Kevin Kellerman warmly welcomes you to his practice; Kellerman Dental in Glen Carbon, Illinois, where revolutionizing care for healthy teeth and gums is a reality! From the world’s best technology to creating a unique atmosphere and individualized experience for their patients, Kellerman Dental has a great reputation in dentistry. Watch on to find out more.

Welcome to Kellerman Dental. Hi my name is Dr. Kevin Kellerman with Kellerman Dental from Glen Carbon Illinois. Today I want to tell you a little bit about our practice. We opened our practice on Valentine’s Day in 2006. Since then we have been privileged to serve thousands of residents in the community that we serve. The vision of Kellerman Dental is to always provide superior customer service and clinical excellence to all our patients we take pride in giving you quality service and excellent clinical care of our missions is to really change the perception for you as to what it really should be like when visiting the dentist. We are committed to education training and technology. One thing that we feel that separates us from the pack is our commitment to utilizing technology to make treatment and care more efficient and more comfortable. Another goal of ours is to help you with everything that you need less than one roof. We know if can be inconvenient to go from one office to another and therefore we try to help you with everything in our office. Some of the treatments that we specialize in are dental implants. Dental implants can help replace missing teeth and help hold dentures thoroughly. Another treatment that we specialize in is helping people breathe better with sleep apnea. We have an oral device that we can make for our patients that make them feel much better and sleep much better through the night. We also provide oral sedating that has fear or anxiety when citing the dentist. Many of our patients love using the oral sedation during our dental visits finally one of the pieces of technology that we use on a daily basis that all of our patients love is the ability to make crowns for you in one visit. I would love to invite anyone who is looking for a new dentist or a new dental health home to give us a call at Kellerman Dental. We truly are here to serve you, we see patients of all ages and we have many families in our practice. Whether your dental needs are small or large we are here and we can help you. Kellerman Dental in Glen Carbon Illinois – we look forward to seeing you, thank you.